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Õli palmi EFB kompostiks või väetiseks Peruus

Igal aastal toodetakse palmiõlitööstusest suures koguses õlipalmi biomassi, need on peamiselt OPF (õlipalmi lehed), OPT (õlipalmi tüved) ja EFB (tühjad puuviljakobarad).

These biomass can be conventionally applied in oil palm plantations as soil mulch and fertilizer, because they contain large quantities of nutrients, can fully decompose in the field within one to two years. By chopping or shredding the biomass into smaller pieces would faster decomposition rate and help the biomass release large amount of its nutrients.

EFB Shredder(chipper) model KJDS318D+, was shipped to Peru.


The machine chop fresh EFB into short fiber by one step, output short EFB fiber is used for composting.


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